Leonie & Leonard — Boho Couple in the Harz Mountains


This day was really special. Leonie & Leonard plus my wife and I met in our hometown, jumped in the car and drove about two hours to the Harz Mountains. The weather wasn't supposed to be great, but we just went for it. On the drive we had plenty of time to get to know each other better and the atmosphere felt a lot like we're on epic road trip about to start an adventure. 

The weather was pretty rough. A thick layer of clouds covered the sun the first hour, it was windy and rainy. Time to actually prove that there is no weather you can't take great photos in. To get to our second location, we actually had to hike up the hill about half an hour. In my head I was kind of questioning if its actually worth it, because the weather will only be worse up there. But the two were still on fire.

And well, you will see the weather changed quite quickly. 


"Give me some more love…"